Planting in a Pandemic, Part 4: *Darth Vader Voice* “I Find Your Lack of Expertise Disturbing…”

“My  two year old son calls him “Dark Gator”, but to the rest of us he’s “Darth Vader” – the baddest Sith Lord on the block; unforgiving commander of the Empire….  He’s also the voice in my head as I try to master all the things I should be doing better during our transition to online church: ‘I find your lack of “expertise”, disturbing….”

Planting in a Pandemic, Part 3: “Self-Care”? –

“Okay, it took a Pandemic for me to stop disliking the term “self-care“.   I’ve distrusted “self-care” for at least a couple of reasons:…”

Planting in a Pandemic, Part 2

“Yes, we can push away the change God wants, but he’ll be back to pose the same questions; to offer the same opportunities to change.  You can count on it.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has pulled us all over, and is clearly an opportunity for deep, lasting change.”

Planting in a Pandemic, Part 1

“You may have started your own business.  Or started a new, better road to mental and physical health.  Or spent the year loving, serving, and helping your students to grow.

But now it looks like all your hard work; your good intentions; your good, strong, early results are threatened.  Or they actually are under threat – you’re under overwhelming pressure for results that you can’t create.”