Begin Again” Week 15: ‘How does it get to that point? A person does something we deeply disagree with, and the thought occurs to us: “It would be great if he just went away, and never came back.”‘

Begin Again”: Week 14: “We live in a time when people long – intensely – to change other people…”

Begin Again”: Week 13: “It would seem that if Stephen was the man Scripture says he was, he should simply go from strength to strength, blessing to blessing – no weapon formed against him, would prosper. That’s not what happened.” 

Begin Again”: Week 12: “It is very difficult to know when you are doing too much….”

Begin Again”: Week 11: “Almost everyone I know has a rescue story of some kind, and often it is a brush with death…”

Begin Again”: Week 10: “How often is that true of us? Something new, mysterious, powerful happens in our community, and we hesitate: We are not sure if it is good, and to be joined? Or harmful, and to be shunned – or at least, ignored?”

Begin Again”: Week 9: “What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. This is the way of the world. Or is it?”

Begin Again”: Week 8: “Do you remember a time when you lacked courage to do the right thing? What did you feel in that moment? Who was there, and how did they react?”

Begin Again”: Week 7: “Remember that feeling of doing group homework, and you did all the work, but the teacher gave the other group members all the credit?”

Begin Again”: Week 6: ‘“Look at us!” is an invitation to look outside yourself: The world you’re trapped in; the one you think will never change. And the invitation is not to see Peter and John, but to see the One who sent them: Jesus Christ.’

Begin Again”: Week 5: “Even if every other aspect of your life is in “good working order” – even if you enjoy security that most do not know – it is still true that you can be lonely to the point of despair.”

“Begin Again”: Week 4: “People we thought we knew, change dramatically, and for the worse. We begin to see “signs on the earth below”, and become more and more convinced that this is definitely not the ordinary, normal world we thought.”

“Begin Again”: Week 3: ‘… we often allow that person a seat at the table in our mind, our emotions, in our hearts. They’re still on our “leadership team”, and are leading us, even though we really wish they weren’t.’

Begin Again”: Week 2: “Is there something you hope for in the future, that you would like to know about today? If you could press a button, and hear the answer, would you?”

“Begin Again”: Week 1: “You could try any number of new beginnings in the days, weeks, and months ahead, but if they don’t begin with God, where will they lead?”

Is It Over Yet?“: “You’re ready… You’re so ready… For COVID to be over and done with, and for life to return to ‘normal’. Me, too: I am totally ready. And this is the thing that I’m discovering:…”