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I am the Pastor of Foundation Presbyterian Church in Irmo, South Carolina.  Foundation Church is a new church – a church plant – sent by Lake Murray Presbyterian Church (Chapin, SC) and Trinity Presbytery.  Irmo is about twelve miles northwest of Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, and we have been sent to love and serve a part of Irmo called “Dutch Fork“.  (See my full bio, below)

James and Tara
Our 10th Wedding Anniversary, in Key West, Florida


I write about:

  • Family and Marriage, because I’m a husband and father, and I love to see families thrive and be faithful.
  • Leadership, because I’m a pastor and a church-planter (someone who works with a team to start a new church), and I love to see people faithfully serve their families, businesses, and communities.
  • Culture, because I love movies, T.V. shows, books, and music, and I believe these dramatically (pun intended…) effect the kind of people we become.


I would love for you to subscribe to “Foundation and Fire”: Just enter your email address in the upper, right corner of this page, and click the “FOLLOW” button (On Mobile?  The FOLLOW button is all the way at the bottom of the page.).  I usually blog 1-2 times a week, and I try to keep my posts short.

You can email me at: revjamesfcubie@gmail.com

I’m also on Twitter: @jamesfcubie

And this is my YouTube channel, where I offer Biblical teaching and commentary, devotions, messages, and prayer: Rev. James F. Cubie 


I grew up on Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C..  My Dad worked in the Senate, and my Mom taught at Howard University.

I went to the College of Wooster, in Ohio, where I met my wife, Tara.  We have two lovely, amazing children: Lina, who will be a high school Freshman, next year; and Jack, who is now three years old.

In my senior year of College (1999), I gave my life to Jesus, and joined a Presbyterian Church soon after!

I went to Union Theological Seminary (NYC) in order to become a professor (my mother and grandfather were professors), but discovered soon after arriving that I wanted to serve the church as a pastor.  I did postgraduate work in theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, and began serving “on the ground”, in churches in 2008.

Before coming to South Carolina, I was a pastor for discipleship at a wonderful church in Leesburg, Virginia, where I worked with children, youth, young adults, and men.  During that time, I also worked with the east coast team for 1001 New Worshiping Communities, whose mission was to start new churches in Loudoun and Fairfax counties, in Virginia.

From 2011-18, I was a member of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington, which specializes in adult Christian education through classes and retreats.

I currently serve on the board for The Fellowship Community. 


The title of this blog comes from 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 where Paul speaks about building our life together on Jesus Christ, the one foundation that will last – that will stand – when it is tested by fire.  And this site is meant to encourage and equip you to do just that: Build your life on the Rock – Jesus Christ!


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