About: James Cubie | This Site

I serve as the evangelist for Foundation Presbyterian Church in Irmo, South Carolina, centered in the Dutch Fork area.  Lake Murray Presbyterian Church (Chapin, SC) is the sending church.  Irmo is about twelve miles northwest of Columbia, the capital of South Carolina.

Before coming to South Carolina, I was a pastor for discipleship at a wonderful church in Leesburg, Virginia, where I worked with children, youth, young adults, and men.  During that time, I also worked with the east coast team for 1001 New Worshiping Communities, whose mission was to start new churches in Loudoun and Fairfax counties, in Virginia.

From 2011-18, I was a member of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington, which specializes in adult Christian formation through classes and retreats.

I currently serve on the board for The Fellowship Community. 


I love to build teams of disciples to: strengthen them in their identity as followers of Jesus, and train them to reach people who would not ordinarily come to church.  I believe the church is renewed and the Kingdom is advanced, when these are done well.

Two things are true: Jesus Christ is Lord, and we will stand before him one day. Nothing is more important than strengthening our relationship with him, and this site is meant for that – to help us build on the only, solid foundation: Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:10-15).

You can email me at: revjamesfcubie@gmail.com

I’m also on Twitter: @jamesfcubie

The banner photo, above, is the seal of the Moravian churches.  The Moravians started a Christ-centered renewal movement in the 18th century.  Their understanding of life together was the chief inspiration for the Methodist movement under John Wesley.

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