Why Do You Worry?

We should always expect to worry, at least a little. Anxiety is a normal part of life.

I should say: It’s something we all have to deal with, in the world that we know. Maybe anxiety is not ‘normal’ at all – maybe it was never meant to be. The Christian Faith says that, while we enjoy many blessings, this world is “fallen” – it is not as it should be. Anxiety is a part of that Fall.

We usually worry when we need something, but do not have it now:

A job that helps us provide for our family.

An acceptance letter to college.

A safe delivery of our baby boy or girl.

Enough units sold to ensure that our business will continue, and even thrive.

You name it: There is something “out there” beyond our reach, that we don’t have, but we need now.

What do we do about that? About the gap between what we need, and what we have?

There are all sort of things to fill that gap with: Work, procrastination, food, alcohol, video games, exercise, Amazon orders…. These deliver on our need to close the gap between what we need and what we have, by putting something in our hands or heads. Some things ‘deliver’ harmlessly. Others bring destruction, “soon or late”.

The ‘gap’ that we try to fill, is our soul: that combination of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, personality, and so on. It’s not a physical place, like our stomach, but – like our stomach – it yearns and aches to be filled, especially when we are – or think we are – hungry.

Is God in there, too? Is God with you, in the deepest part of your soul? If He is there, then your soul and its story begins to change: You begin to desire, what God desires, and live with a peace, joy, and love that are impossible to achieve on your own – that are impossible to receive in all the things that promise to “deliver”.

During one of the most turbulent times in her history, the prophet Isaiah said this to Israel: “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (41:10)

You may not have the thing, the person, the job, the outcome you need, now. But you can have the one who says: “Fear not, for I am with you.” There are 3 steps to begin that journey: Say Yes in your heart, today; begin to talk to Him, in prayer; and, worship Him on the day He set aside for us to rest, and know, in our souls: “I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

What have you learned about anxiety/worry in this unprecedented time? I would love to hear your insights in the Comments, below!

I did a longform interview (34 minutes) about listening for God and leading through crisis, with a good friend, Rev. Blaine Hill, for his great new podcast, “Leaders Learning”. Desktop | Apple, and tell me what you think.

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