Wednesday Roundup: The Church Has Moved! Podcast Interview with Yours Truly…

Every other Wednesday, instead of an original post, I’ll provide links to podcasts, blogs, articles, etc. that are shaping how I think about the issues I love to write about: Marriage and Family, Culture, Leadership, and the Church.

New Churches Q and A: Current Strategy for a Young Church Plant This is from a nationwide organization that focuses on church planting.  The podcast begins with a question from a church plant with a profile very similar to ours: Started Sunday worship in September 2019, with about the same numbers and volunteers as Foundation Church.  And now the question is: What do we do, going forward?

Thom Rainer on the Post-Quarantine Church This is an extended interview with two, top church leadership experts, about what Church will probably look like post-COVID, and how churches can best position themselves for that reality, now.

Finally, it was an honor and a pleasure to do a long-form interview with my friend, the Rev. Blaine Hill, for his great, new podcast, “Leaders Learning”.  In it, I talk about listening for God during this difficult time; leading through crisis; and, the social media pioneer, Mr. Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!  I think you’ll enjoy, and will hear my heart for what God is doing through Foundation Church!


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