Parenting in a Pandemic: Forward, Together?

Field of Dreams Two


After he turned forty years old, Ray Kinsella decided to take up farming.

He’s never done it before. But he, his wife and daughter move to Iowa, and buy a cornfield.

One day, when he’s out in the cornfield by himself, he hears a voice:

“If you build it, he will come…”

Then, Ray sees a vision of a baseball diamond, planted in the middle of his cornfield – the cornfield that should be his family’s livelihood.

Ray listens to the voice, and builds the baseball diamond.

He doesn’t know if anyone will come, and pay to see what they built.

His wife is not happy with him.  His brother-in-law thinks he’s “crazy”.

But the last scene of the movie, is a string of cars lining up to see the “Field of Dreams”.

The Bible is full of people who hear a voice – a call from God – that tells them to go, and trust the result to God.  We usually only think of the single person who hears the call: Noah, Abraham, Moses….  We rarely think about the family called to go with the person called.

Every family has been asked by God, during this time, to walk in faith, and trust the result to God.  Part of that trust is to honor the spouse that God has given you, by setting aside time to check in, and listen, and pray.

How are you and your spouse doing, now, today?  Have you had the time to look one another in the eye, and just ask: How are you, honey?  How are you doing, sugar? (now you know our pet names!)

The stories of Noah and Naamah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Zipporah, don’t have those moments when the story stops and they look one another in the eye, and just check in.  But you can be sure that they did have those moments.  They’re essential in any marriage that’s going to make it, in this new “normal”.

Would you do that, today?  Ask your spouse how he/she is doing?  Then pray.  Pray together.  Hold hands.  And remember this word to Abraham and Sarah: “… I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2)


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