Parenting in a Pandemic, Part 5: And Your Child Shall Lead You…

Child Leading Parent


We were not expecting it, but on Friday evening we got an amazing, grace-filled treat: Our daughter put on a (very short, impromptu) ballet recital in our Living Room.

What made this so special, was our daughter’s journey to that day: For more than a month before COVID-19, she wore a boot that immobilized her foot, so that it could heal.  And in the ballet world, even if you can’t dance, you show up to practice – all of ’em….  So we drove to Columbia and back, night after night, mostly so she could watch her classmates for two to three hours at a time.  It cannot have been easy for Lina.

Then, she spent the first 4 weeks of COVID-19 doing physical therapy.  More watching; more waiting.

Finally, the foot was ready, and she began to practice in her room, while being coached via Zoom.  The pound, pound, jump, jump was a wonderful noise to hear through the ceiling.  But we didn’t want to expect too much, too soon.

Then came last Friday.  Lina told us all to gather in the Living Room.  And then she danced.  She leapt, and twirled, and went on point, raising herself to well above six feet.  It was breath-taking, and we burst into applause at the end!

This is what I felt, as I watched her: I know it’s my responsibility as the parent to lead, and encourage – especially in this strange, lock-down season of life.  But, as she danced, I felt led, encouraged, and motivated far beyond anything I’d known since the start of this Pandemic.

In the Prophet Isaiah, we read about a time, in the future, when suffering and opposition will no longer exist – when children will be safe, and more powerful than we can imagine, now:

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6)

As a parent, it is hard to picture that time: We want so badly to protect and shepherd our children, especially now.  But get ready for this, parents: Be on the lookout for God’s grace, when your child leads you to see her, or him, in a new way.  This little bit of amazing grace, is just a taste of what we will one day know in full!

Have your children surprised and delighted you in this time apart?  Have they done things you did not think they could?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments, below.


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3 thoughts on “Parenting in a Pandemic, Part 5: And Your Child Shall Lead You…

  1. I love this story! And way to go, Lina!! I had forgotten about that Bible verse but it really struck me today along with your message. 🙂

    Our kids have been earning money for extra time spent working construction at our new house. Keira has been our hardest worker– really racking up the cash. One evening last week she handed me over $200 of her hard earned money (including a few painstakingly rolled stacks of coins!). She asked me to give it to a charity supporting restaurant workers who are suffering right now. Boy did I feel led by her. And still do. I saved one roll of coins on my desk as a reminder. I’m so impressed and humbled that she was looking beyond her own troubles to try and encourage others.


    1. Hi Abby! That is just awesome! Way to go, Keira! We’ve done a couple of outreach/mission crafts, as a family, and it’s really helped us to see beyond our own (relatively secure) bubble. I was on a Zoom call with local business leaders, today, and a CEO of one of the large, statewide hospital systems, went out of his way to thank everyone who’s doing large and small outreach to his employees – the people who need it, are feeling it. My hope is that we’re going to press further into these service opportunities on the other side of this crisis – that the relationship will be stronger, and long-lasting.

      Grace and peace,



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