Planting in a Pandemic, Part 2

Law and the Law Won

I didn’t get my car inspected, when I should have.  The inspection sticker sits dead center, on the front windshield – can’t miss it; can’t hide from it.  It got to be one month, two, three…. six.  I was just too busy, I kept telling myself.  I wouldn’t get stopped, and if I did, the officer would totally understand, right?

Wrong.  Got a ticket.  Promised up and down, that I’d go that day, and get my car inspected.  But then I was busy, again.   A month later: Another ticket.  And, yup: Another one after that.

The opportunity to get the inspection done – and the ticket for not doing it – kept coming around.  But, every time I got in my car, I pushed the expired registration out of my mind.


I lead a church plant (a new church) with an amazing team, and I love to listen to stories of churches and leaders who have done the work we’re doing, now.  Mark Sayers is an Australian pastor who planted the church he now leads, and he has released a podcast series on leading through the COVID-19 crisis.

I’ve been listening to this episode of Sayer’s podcast, “Rebuilders” (Apple | Website) on repeat, because it speaks about how God pulls leaders over, again and again, until we change: Yes, we can push away the change God wants, but he’ll be back to pose the same questions; to offer the same opportunities to change.  You can count on it.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has pulled us all over, and is clearly an opportunity for deep, lasting change.  I believe God is asking for personal and societal change – he’s asked for it, before, and this is another, big, unmistakable opportunity to get our inspection stickers updated.

So, in the next two posts of “Planting in a Pandemic”, I’m going to try to answer how I see those personal and societal changes, in the context of starting a new church: We started Foundation Church because we believe that we live in time when God is calling us to return to him.  Now, we have the opportunity to know more specifically what that means where we live and serve.


What are the personal and societal changes you’re beginning to consider, in the business you lead? The family you love?  The community you live in?  I would love to hear your responses in the comments, below.


You can read the first part of “Planting in a Pandemic”, HERE.


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