Japanese Auto City

My wife and I lived in Alexandria, Virginia for several years.

For a long time, we owned a couple of Toyotas, and found that when we needed repairs, the Toyota dealership was always a little too expensive, and didn’t quite do the whole job.

So we asked around, and our friends recommended Mr. Jung at “Japanese Auto City”: He was a Japanese man, who new Japanese cars, from top to bottom.   They said: He would do the job; he would do it right; and, he wouldn’t overcharge you.

I looked up the address, and drove by to see what Japanese Auto City was like: There was nothing ‘City’ about it! It was a small garage, with 2 bays, and 2 gas pumps.

But the parking lot was full of cars….

Day after day I kept driving by: “I don’t know, that place looks kinda small…  I’m not sure….”, and day after day, my car kept getting worse.

Finally I took it to Mr. Jung, and he was everything our friends said he would be: He knew exactly what to do, and he did it right away.

Foundation Church is starting at Japanese Auto City-size: We’ve got a couple of bays, and a couple of pumps.

But we can do the most important thing, very well: We can equip you to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Join us for worship, week by week, and our promise to you, is that you’ll get exactly what you need.

Our first Sermon Series “Fake Faith?” – begins this Saturday, April 27th, 2019.