Wednesday Roundup: How do you interact with someone who is near death?; You were a free spirit – definitely a hippie – and then you met Jesus?; Have you met Jordan Peterson? (2/7/18)

  • This is an amazing article, written by someone with stage four cancer.  It is about how to interact with someone who is near death.  It’s just superb, and required reading if you want your care for someone walking that road, to amount to real care.


  • I know and love so many people who lived through the Sixties – people who “tried a little bit of everything”.  I thought this story might fascinate them.


  • I just discovered Jordan Peterson, who has thought a lot about death, and about the cultural and academic inheritance of the Sixties.  I’m not an uncritical admirer, but I’m pretty sure he is someone to listen carefully to.  His Biblical lectures are fascinating, and this one about Noah kept me up all night.