Wednesday Roundup (on Thursday…): When you think you are, but you aren’t…; What is specific to church leadership?; I thought money, ideas, productivity, low-conflict, and good management were enough! (12/14/17)

  • There are any number of ways to think you are leading without really leading, and it is especially tempting in the church to convince yourself that you are leading when you’re not, or when you’ve stopped.  Thom Rainer describes the top five reasons church leaders stop leading, here.


  • The New Year is just around the corner, so I am beginning to think about my leadership practices (and shortcomings!).  It is always tempting to judge church leadership by leadership practices in other fields.  But leading in a church is leading in a church, and so I want to focus on these forty insights (part 1, part 2) from J. Oswald Sanders, as I prepare my heart and mind for 2018.


  • If money, good ideas, being productive, “smooth-sailing”, and excellent management don’t make for good leadership, what does?  See what Carey Nieuwhof says here.