Wednesday Roundup: Who Are You Calling ‘Stupid’?; The Right Questions – The Right Environments; “Missional”? I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means (12/6/17)

  • Hey!  Who are you calling “stupid“?!  Okay, you got my attention.  Maybe I am doing some stupid things, and maybe they are getting in the way of Jesus getting his message out.


  • If you want to create a discipleship team – or a community of disciples – that looks beyond itself, and becomes “missional”, you have to do a disciplined evaluation of the “environment(s)” you create to reach people who are not your people.  This post is the best place to start that hard work.


  • A “missional understanding of discipleship”?  Here’s a short video of Alan Hirsch, that clears away a lot of misunderstandings about the word “missional”….