Wednesday Round-Up: Douthat’s Really a Lutheran; Have Conversations; Pastors, You Really Need to Have Conversations (11/1/17)

  • Following Paul and Augustine, Luther spoke of the power of sin as “incurvatus in se”: If not checked, sin causes us to be “curved in on ourselves” – to become dangerously self-centered, self-regarding, self-pitying, so that all things and people are used for one’s own purposes.  Ross Douthat, in this piece, shows us how: our modern fascination with misery, blinds us to the plight of others (until crisis hits), and how so little of what passes for education, prepares us for the fact that “in this world you will have tribulation.”


  • Perhaps conversation is the best place to begin working against our tendency to “curve in on ourselves”.


  • Carey Nieuwhof notes that church leaders must have real conversations, in the context of real relationships, in order to thrive and move forward.  If you’re not in one, a small group of pastors/church leaders that meets regularly for fellowship, discernment, accountability, and prayer, is essential.