Wednesday Round-Up: The Wise, the Foolish, and the Evil; What Did You Just Ask Me?; I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying! (10/18/17)

  • Carey Nieuwhof hosts this fantastic podcast, that features Dr. Henry Cloud.  It focuses on how leaders – perhaps especially Christian leaders – have to focus on relationships and results, while being mindful of how accountability happens with different types of people: Cloud – following the Bible – says there are 3 types: “The Wise”, “The Fool”, and “The Evil Person”.


  • “What did you just ask me?!”  Speaking of accountability, these are the kinds of tough, but essential questions that Christian leaders have used for generations to forge accountability, and create space for growth in the fruit of the Spirit.


  • “I’m not crying – you’re crying!”  When you live by the Spirit (Gal. 5:16), how you react emotionally will, to a large extent, determine your growth.  Daniel Golemon has written extensively on this, but this is a good, short introduction to his work on Emotional Intelligence.