Wednesday Round-Up: Hefner, the E-Word, and “Freaky Specific” (10/4/17)

  • Have you seen a few “R.I.P.’s” for Hugh Hefner?  Did he live a “successful life”?  Read this from Russell Moore : ‘If you want to see “success,” look instead to the man faithful to the wife of his youth, caring for her through dementia.’  Also – for a stronger take – read this by Ross Douthat of the New York Times.


  • Mack Stiles could have retired, but recently started a church in Irbil, Iraq (you can follow him here, on Twitter).  The work he is doing in Iraq, is built on a lifetime of practicing and reflecting on the “E-Word”: Evangelism.  Here is a great post by Stiles on what evangelism is and isn’t.


  • NEXT Church graciously asked me to contribute to their series on leadership in the context of diversity: I think the world is always watching to see whether our discipleship is specific enough, or if it’s so general that it’s only part of who I am.