Foundation and Fire

Is the ‘mainline’ church dying?  Is it being reformed?

We changed structures, and – in some cases – the change was for the better.  That makes it tempting to believe we should continue to focus on structures.

We love to diagnose, but even when it is accurate, diagnosis doesn’t give life and light.  We may see clearly ways in which structures should continue to change, but we are fundamentally the same kind of people who were in the old structures.

The change we need is not ‘out there’, or ‘with those people’.  It must begin with us, in our hearts.

We do not need: more politicking; more initiatives; more committees and commissions – anyone who has spent time on these, knows this.  These can be means God uses to keep order, and they can be worthy of full, faithful attention and respect.

We know what is needed: Not something we discover, diagnose, or deliberate about.  Not newer, better, or more interesting insights, but a more committed relationship, refined in a “narrow compass”.  That narrow compass is our life together as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Two things are true: We belong to Jesus, and we will stand before him one day.  Nothing is more important than cultivating our relationship with him, and this site is meant for that – to help us build on the only foundation that ‘fire’ cannot burn away: Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11-15).

“Are we dying?  Are we being reformed?”  We need to set those questions aside, and ask a new one: “What must we do to prepare the way for new life in our churches and the world?”  The answers to that question – the building we must begin to do – can have only one foundation: Jesus Christ.

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